✫ Neil Killick is a world class software practitioner and business coach, consultant and trainer, with 23+ years of relevant experience, 600+ professional skill endorsements and 74 recommendations from past clients and colleagues (including the CEO and CTO from a recent client)
✫ Neil is a globally recognised expert in software development and delivery improvement, particularly using Agile, Scrum and other lean-agile thinking and approaches
✫ Neil is also an author and international keynote speaker

✫ As an independent consultant, Neil has served many clients over the last few years including: AGL, Anca, ANZ, AusNet Services, Carsales, Flatmates (REA), Geomatic Technologies (now Mondo), Itty Bitty Apps, MedAdvisor, Mercedes-Benz, MYOB, Mystes Oy, Olikka, Parks Victoria, PM-Partners, Qwilr, Red Hat, SMS Management and Technology (now ASG), System Partners, Telstra, Toyota, Type Human, Vanguard, WISE Employment, World Vision Australia (pro bono), Xero and various individuals
✫ He has 23+ years software delivery experience in various permanent, contract and freelance roles, including 12+ years of extensive Agile/Lean experience operating in manager, leader, coach and developer roles in Scrum/Kanban teams and organisations:
  • Head of Engineering at Locomote
  • Lead Agile Coach and Portfolio Manager at MYOB
  • Agile Coach at Big Mobile
  • Agile Coach and Lead Business Analyst at AIA Australia
  • Product Manager at Redbubble
  • Business Analyst, Iteration Manager and Product Manager and PlayUp
  • Project Manager at SEEK
  • Senior Consultant and Scrum Master at ESRI Australia
  • Senior Scrum Developer at EDS Group
  • Senior Developer at Intelematics and Public Image
✫ Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Accounting with Computing from University of Kent
✫ Invited submission reviewer for Agile Australia

✫ Leading, coaching, training, facilitating and mentoring teams, managers and executives in effective (rapid / sustainable / incremental / high quality) software delivery
✫ Story slicing (Neil is the inventor of the "Slicing Heuristics" technique):✫ Business Analysis
✫ Project Management
✫ Program / Portfolio Management
✫ Product Ownership / Management
✫ Strategic, economic and tactical prioritisation
✫ Scrum Mastery
✫ Documentation (technical, business and user guides)
✫ User Experience (UX)
✫ Agile / Scrum / Extreme Programming (XP) / Lean Startup / Personal Kanban / Team Kanban / Systems Thinking / Theory of Constraints / DevOps
✫ Agile at scale (including frameworks and models such as SAFe, LeSS, Scrum-of-Scrums, Nexus, Portfolio Kanban, Spotify)
✫ Agile contracts

✫ Agile Requirements (User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, Functional and Non-Functional Requirements) ✫ Wireframes ✫ Clickable Prototypes ✫ User Story Mapping ✫ Impact Mapping ✫ Process Mapping ✫ Continuous Improvement (Toyota Kata) ✫ Lean Canvas ✫ Project Inceptions ✫ Cost of Delay (CD3, WSJF) ✫ Planview LeanKit ✫ Kanbanize ✫ Jira ✫ Confluence ✫ Microsoft Office 365 ✫ Google Cloud / G Suite ✫ Mac and Windows OS

✫ Invited keynote speaker at the CAS (Agile Spain) conference
✫ Invited speaker at the following international industry conferences:
Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit, Australian Testing Days, Oredev, Quality Software Australia, Dev Day Sri Lanka, Agile Singapore, ScanAgile (Agile Scandinavia), LAST (Lean Agile Systems Thinking) Conference, Scrum Australia, Agile Australia, 1st Conf, SIGiST (Specialist Group in Software Testing) and DDD (Developer, Developer, Developer)
✫ Speaker at the following organisations: Seek, UniSuper, Locomote, Swinburne University of Technology, Lonely Planet, MYOB, Aconex, Carsales.com.au and REA (Realestate.com.au)
✫ Organiser, presenter and panelist at Heart of Agile Community (Melbourne), Melbourne Agile and Scrum, Agile Product and Project Managers Melbourne and Agile Business Analysts Melbourne meetup groups
✫ Presenter at Test Alliance Melbourne, Limited WIP Society Melbourne and Agile Meetup Charlottesville
✫ Interviewed for InfoQ, Vasco Duarte's #NoEstimates book and various podcasts including Agile for Humans, The Agile Revolution, FEEL and Scrum Master Toolbox
✫ You can see watch and listen to many of Neil's presentations and interviews on his Presentations page

✫ Scrum Alliance: Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified Scrum Professional/Practitioner (CSP - Only 1% of CSM's have this accreditation)
✫ Scrum.org: Professional Scrum Master (PSM I - Test score 100%)
✫ Scrum Fundamentals Certified - SCRUMStudy

✫ 2 years of mentoring high school students for the RAISE foundation
✫ Taught English to a Vietnamese migrant
✫ Created (and currently maintains) the website for his son's football (soccer) team, including tracking and updating player statistics

✫ Running ✫ Kayaking with my family ✫ Playing piano ✫ Playing snooker and pool ✫ Watching movies ✫ Watching football

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