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Agile Coaching

Holding up a mirror
As a consulting Agile Coach, I leverage the benefits of being in workplaces on a short-term, usually part-time basis with clear, outcome and time-bound objectives. I keep an impartial, birds-eye view of what is working well and not so well in your software delivery lifecycle (this often gets described as "holding up a mirror"). I never become part of the furniture, and have a daily imperative to push forward and keep people's eyes on the prize. My clients have found this approach to be extremely effective.

Achieving your objectives
To ensure we achieve your objectives, I use a broad range of individual and team learning approaches including pure coaching, mentoring, facilitating, teaching, showing and leading by example, as well as relentlessly tuning and adjusting my activities and approach based on how we are tracking.

Daily activities
Improvement and high performance comes from forming new, effective habits, and continuously driving for better. I embed with teams of managers, developers, designers, analysts, testers (and more) to help them form such habits. I employ proven agile values, principles, techniques and practices to succeed at prioritising, delivering and improving customer and business outcomes in an incremental and iterative way.

Improving as individuals and teams
While improving dynamics and performance within and between teams is paramount to success, this only happens if the individuals involved are happy, motivated and driven by a common vision. I make it my mission to understand the needs of those I am working with, help synchronise and meet those needs, and support each and every team member to grow in professional stature.
Agile Coaching Agile Coaching

Agile Strategy

Agile Strategy Agile Strategy
Enabling the benefits of agile approaches

It takes a company-wide shift in thinking, behaviour and approach — not to mention a lot of discipline and dedication from everyone involved — to derive genuine business benefits from agile software development. The companies who get it right are the ones who put in the hard yards to foster a conducive environment, and such companies often see one or more of the following impacts:

  • Greater speed to market
  • Higher quality products and services
  • Happier customers and stakeholders
  • More engaged staff
The companies who get it wrong can suffer from higher costs (in terms of developers, managers and technical debt), lower quality, lower staff engagement, frustration, unhealthy conflict between individuals and teams and other dysfunctions.

I have experienced many times both the good and bad of agile adoption and transition. Very few practitioners in Melbourne are as qualified as I am to provide expert advice and assistance for your Executive team on the right way forward. I will give them practical steps for building the supporting structures and behaviours necessary for your agile initiative to have a greatly improved chance of success.

Agile Training

Agile Workshops

Agile Workshops
Launching a new product or project? Trying to improve how you operate?

I can facilitate many different types of workshop, each of which will ensure your teams have a shared understanding and documented approach for working together and delivering the necessary outcomes:

  • Release planning
  • Project inceptions
  • Retrospectives
  • Product discovery
  • Customer journey mapping
  • User story mapping
  • Impact mapping
  • Business case creation (using Lean Canvas)
  • Others on request



  • Melbourne VIC, Australia