Robert Read:CEO, MedAdvisor

Neil was extremely knowledgeable, diligent and engaging when working with us at MedAdvisor. Neil was able to adjust and prioritise as the situation required to tailor as required. He was able to make significant impact in a short period of time and help kick start MedAdvisor on our agile transformation agenda.

Robert Read

David Chatterton:CTO, MedAdvisor

I engaged Neil to uplift the common understanding of agile and lean practices at MedAdvisor, including running workshops and coaching teams and individuals that are directly affected by this change. Neil was highly successful in achieving a high level of engagement across the business as can be seen by the adoption of personal kanban boards, well attended and inspirational sprint reviews and the conversations occurring across all teams. I think the key was Neil's ability to translate agile so that different people could understand it and how it could apply to their role. I intend to get Neil back to MedAdvisor in the future to check in and help us continue to improve how we work to deliver value to our clients.

David Chatterton

Erwin van der Koogh:Founder at BitGenics, Professional Scrum Trainer

Neil is one of the best agile coaches in the world... Listen to what Neil says!

Erwin van der Koogh

Derek Winter:Agile Coach at .id

Leadership is the art of Influence with integrity and I can confidently say Neil is one of the best leaders I've had the pleasure of working with and learning from. Neil is passionate about his work, passionate about his purpose and passionate about making a difference. He strives to add value, allow and encourage growth and allow people to bring their best and contribute their best. He also brings a technical and academic depth of understanding to his work that ensures that his vision and ideas are founded on proven strategy and theory. I would gladly work for Neil again and confidently recommend him to others.

Derek Winter

Vincent Brouillet:DevOps and Continuous Delivery Lead at NBN

Neil is an exceptional leader and a true inspiration. Not only he lives and breath Agile, but he is also able to create and hold the space where individual, teams and organisations can evolve in their agile journey while maintaining a focus on delivering results, changes and value. Any organisation that wants to succeed by increasing their agility and their efficiency should contact Neil. He is most likely one of the best in town. I should add that engineers absolutely enjoy working with Neil and trust him. He is able to maintain excellent relationship with everyone. This makes an enormous difference to any workplace. Neil gets the best out of any team and individuals by trusting and empowering everyone. His intervention is just enough to make a difference but he knows out to get out of the way and let the magic happens. That is excellent leadership skill here. Get in touch with Neil.

Vincent Brouillet

Tim Watts:Development Manager, Geomatic

Neil understands and appreciates that every organisation needs to arrive at their own way to evolve into an agile organisation. He's knowledgeable and experienced. He listens and observes before offering advice, suggestions and coaching. I found Neil engaging and approachable and really got a lot from his time with us. His pragmatic approach to adopting agile behaviours and avoidance of dogma meant that we learnt and started applying those learning's immediately. I would recommend Neil to anyone who's serious about becoming agile.

Tim Watts

Afra Dianati:Scrum Master/Business Analyst

Neil is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate Agile Coach. I recently participated in his workshop “How to be an Effective Scrum Master” and I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend his workshops to anyone who wants to have a broader understanding of Agile and planning to grow in this field.

Afra Dianati

Doug Ferris:DevOps Engineer at Geomatic

Despite having done several courses and thinking that I had a decent idea of what I thought Agile was, Neil managed to push my understanding so much further. He helped simplify some complex topics to make it easy for everyone to understand but still challenged the way we worked as a team, not to make us change to how he saw other teams work, but to make us understand how we work and how we could focus on improving.

Doug Ferris

Daegal Brain:Agile Delivery Manager at Geomatic

The best in the business...Neil will tailor his approach depending on what your business need, get him while you can! We engaged Neil's services to get a fresh look at our software delivery practices and found ourselves getting a timely reminder about what continuous improvement really means. Neil has a very pragmatic approach and he has master the art of "Getting To the Heart Of The Problem"...no matter how hard that conversation turns out to be. If your team or business...or even just your ideas, need a shake up, speak to Neil.

Daegal Brain

Kirstie Wu:Solutions Architect at Mondo Power

Our organisation recently have Neil in as an Agile coach, he was excellent! He observed very quickly to our pain points and challenges and provided a wealth of experience, knowledge, and short sessions on techniques. He also provides tailored suggestions which incorporate feedback and adjust accordingly quickly and with ease. He is great and engaging participation from the team.

Kirstie Wu

Uma Diddi:Senior Agile Business Analyst at Country Fire Authority

Neil is a very passionate Agile coach who demonstrated a great deal of patience, a wealth of experience & knowledge in providing us Agile training at Parks Victoria. By applying our project scenarios and examples he made training exercises more interesting & motivating. He loves to be challenged & graciously accepts constructive criticism.

Uma Diddi

Tim Tunbridge:IT Project Manager at Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria had the pleasure of engaging with Neil to provide Agile coaching across a series of projects. Neil was quickly able to assess the capabilities and maturity of the teams and provide strong guidance (both at a team level and individual level) to increase the effectiveness of deliveries. Neil is deeply passionate about 'true' Agile software development, he has strong background in both hands on software development and management of development teams and projects. Neil doesn't pull any punches and will help you quickly get to the heart of matters and refocus efforts as necessary. I can thoroughly recommend his services.

Tim Tunbridge

Tim Edwards:Digital Content Lead at Parks Victoria

Neil is full of great advice for working more effectively and an excellent facilitator for strategy meetings. It also helps that he is just great to have around in the office. You should hire this man.

Tim Edwards

Paul Murray:Scrum Master / Project Manager at Salesforce

An insightful, calm, strategic and highly pragmatic leader in the technology space. Able to distill almost any situation into an opportunity to add value to the customer. Takes misused principles and methodologies and translates them into their intended use of fostering a learning mindset. He's able to translate this in useful ways to the team and individual. Overall, Neil is an excellent teacher, with high integrity, strong values who is someone to follow and see as a role model.

Paul Murray